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Earth Day purchase for 2009? The new Chrysler Peapod uses your iPhone as a car key… Me & El were just talking about the total integration of iPods in other devices & services.

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With vinyl sales on the rise (& with Target & Wal-Mart actually selling turntables now), I thought that I’d dig around and find some of the coolest & most expensive tables that I’ve ever seen!

The Goldmund Reference II
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Record Store Day 09
Get out and support your local “mom & pop” record store tomorrow!

There are some great releases coming out this week… I’m definitely swinging by Lunchbox first (to check out the new releases) & then hitting up Manifest to get my Jazz fix from their used section. They rarely let me down (sometimes, I can’t believe the LP’s that people have actually traded in).

I’ve just learned about Kutiman. Wow.



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