With vinyl sales on the rise (& with Target & Wal-Mart actually selling turntables now), I thought that I’d dig around and find some of the coolest & most expensive tables that I’ve ever seen!

The Goldmund Reference II
25 years after the first Reference, we introduce a very limited series of 25 Reference II turntables with a degree of refinement and a number of new features never seen before.

Supporting table of extreme rigidity and inertia (250kg) with 100cm platter height for easy manipulation
Dynamically balanced 20 kg platter with level and concentricity calibration to <1/100mm
5-layer platter design (3 metacrylate and 2 brass) with 12 lead damping inserts
Ultra-high precision Swiss-made axis using the 25-years experience in Reference rotational parts design
Cog-free motor with lowest electrical and mechanical noise, shielded and dampened by 15kg of brass
Liquid-nitrogen-rectified belt, as the original Reference – Servo speed capture by optical encoder
Touch controls integrated in the tabletop for the turntable (33 / 45 / 78 rpm) and the T8 tone arm
3 optional pivoting tone arm supports at 120 deg (supports even the 12″ SME tone arm)
Specially designed new Goldmund T8 straight-line tone arm with total weight of 7 kg
Using the revolutionary Goldmund “Spherical inserts” (Goldmund patent) for zero-play and zero-vibration
Ultra-precise ball-circulation Linear carrier with zero-play and micron precision
Stylus, pivot and counterweight perfectly aligned for optimal dynamic balance
Universal joint machined from a block with Mecasyl-lubricated zero-play ultra-precise ball bearings
Hyperbolic tracking correction using endless speed-adjusted translation with 1 micron precision
7-layer tone arm tube with progressive lengths, including custom ultra-thin carbon tube
3 built-in Teflon tubes carrying signal wire with no vibration and no magnetostriction effect
Unique hardened-Aluminum headshell especially designed and machined in 3D for zero-resonance
The headshell holds the cartridge and the preamplifier first stage to increase the noise-floor ratio
Motor-driven VTA adjustment with remote-control, allowing height calibration within 1/10 of a millimeter
Calibrated micro-metric Azimut adjustment and electronic stylus alignment
2-layer Titanium counterweight with 2-step adjustments, auto-locked for perfect Mechanical Grounding
Off-angle measurement by progressive analogue optical detector without Led avoiding radiated noise
Exclusive integral limited edition Phono PH8 Preamplifier using the new Goldmund 140dB A/D circuit
Analogue output using the latest new Goldmund Alize 6 D/A circuit with 140dB of dynamics
Digital output using “Swiss Chrono” zero-jitter 96kHz 24 bit connection to Universal Preamp
Built-in digital processor providing RIAA correction, and complete time/phase cartridge compensation
Protected by the Goldmund GPS (Goldmund Parallel Suppressor)
Each turntable installed by a Goldmund Team, with complete calibration included
Limited edition of 25 units only sold on subscription with a maximum production of 5 units per year

The Clearaudio Statement
The Clearaudio Statement turntable with its integral stand represents the state of the art. It is the result of more than 28 years of research and development.

Patented magnetic-driven sub-platter (makes no contact with main platter)
Additional magnetic vertical platter bearing
All platters dynamically balanced
Kardan turntable chassis suspension
Automatic horizontal levelling device including tonearm platforms (no air pump or compressor)
80kg pendulum weight for self levelling of top platform
High speed microprocessor-controlled motor drive unit (as used in Mars Rover)
Oil damping devices for the main turntable chassis
Real-time speed control and active blue LCD display
Ergonomic fine speed adjustment (33, 45 and 78rpm)
Accommodates up to four different tonearms
Complete resonance control via damped and sandwiched bullet-proof wood (Panzer Holz), stainless steel and acrylic construction
Total weight approximately 350kg (770lbs)
Dimensions: 69cmWx57cmDx125cmH

The Montegiro Lusso TurntableLusso01
Spectacular and extravagant, in a breathtaking, unheard of design, the Lusso is built
upon alternate layers of aluminium and black acrylic, including the topsy-turvy cone
for the aluminium platter fitted with an acrylic plattermat! The Lusso is driven by a newly
developed, extremely precise high-end synchronous motor suspended within one of
the cones. The cones, not connected to each other, embrace height-adjustable feet that
serve for perfect set-up. Even the carbon tonearm, mounted on a cone, demonstrates
high style.

Sonically, the Lusso carries you into a perfect world of sound: Between precise, crystal-
line highs and weighty bass is a generous, softly melting midrange that helps produce
an ideal, musically balanced turntable. Both the base version Lusso singolo with three
cones and one tonearm and the top-of-the-line model lusso doppio with four cones and
two tonearms provide the perfect symbiosis of technique and design!


Lusso is available optionally with SME 5009, a DaVinci Nobile or DaVinci Grandezza
tonearm. Other tonearm-bases are certainly available on request.
$47,000 (basic configuration)

Compactdecks by Oliver Rubli deck-2
An Oliver Rubli designed deck with three integrated turntables to play loop or regular vinyl records. The Compactdeck appears in a limited edition series of 10.

The DaVinciAudio Labs AAS Gabriel
As is well known, master discs are produced on a cutting machine using a cutting stylus.

The design of the aas gabriel / DaVinciAudio turntable uses the same physical principles of the cutting machine and stylus.

The requirements are:
a highly stable basis
completely silent magnetical bearings
a pick-up de-coupled from the basis
own motor and motor control unit
an absolutely stable power supply
own developed damping feet
These form together the cornerstone of the aas gabriel / DaVinciAudio turntable concept aimed at a replay system matching as closely as possible the requirements of a perfect record cutting machine.
Optional 3 arm boards available.
The weight with one tone arm board is approx. 88kg. In the maximum expansion (4 tone arm boards) approx. 142kg.