photo courtesy of Megan Baker

Super Ape is:
Stephen Barrett (programming, samplers & turntables)
Dirty Haire (drums, programming & samplers)
Christopher Holston (guitar & keyboards)
Jason Michel (bass, keyboards & programming)
Scott Slagle (keyboards, percussion, programming & samplers)

We are currently working on our next 7″ – House Party 2. Due at the top of 2011.

But for now, you can check out the latest release from the Apes. High octane, explosive sounds, on “Shakedown” then with the head nodding, hand clapping “Tokyo” on the flip. Whatchoutnah.
Limited edition 7″ vinyl w/ full color sleeve or 320kbps mp3’s.

Or, you could experience the debut release from Super Ape & their intense freedom rock sound, on the epic “Ape Shit” with the dub rock adventure “Peoples in the Mist” on the flip.
In super cool limited edition 7″ vinyl or 320kbps mp3’s.

“Super Ape creates concise instrumental jams that drip with beastly sensuality and a sharp sense of style. There’s animal lust in its heavily layered rhythmic attack; the beats are complex and reliant on intricate syncopation. There’s a barbaric curiosity in the way the band crosses genres – a polygamist marriage of dub, indie, dance rock, and whatever other pretty sounds Super Ape encounters – that helps the band stake out a territory of its own with alpha-male confidence.
Their Shakedown and Ape Shit singles touch on 90’s electronic rock, Chicago post-rock, funk and dubstep. As rocking as it is dance-ready, the instruments-only collections manage to assemble disparate sounds cohesively and concisely into pieces that move with a pop song’s momentum.”
– Jordan Lawrence / Shuffle Magazine
“Coupling the finest rock and mellow dub electro funk spacey danceable ITEM!
No. A-side is a cool and dynamic Tappuri speedy. クラウト・ロック的な質感のダンス・チューンです。 Texture is a dance tune and Krautrock. The B-side, Dam-Funk Electro Funk No. principle leads to the future space. 粘っこいビートと浮遊シンセの絡みがバツグンに気持ち良し。 The ballistic 気持Chi良Shi involving synth beats and floating 粘Kkoi. 両面ともにオススメです!! It is recommended to both sides!”
– Jet Set Records [Japan]
“(Lee Scratch) Perry’s Upsetters projects may be Super Ape’s sonic starting point, but elements of jazz, Krautrock and wide-screen Morricone waft like ganja-smoke through the self-titled, debut 7-inch…”
– Creative Loafing Magazine