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We’ve been working on a new website. It’s been hectic moving off of the WordPress platform, but we’re almost there. There may (or may not be) a little “wonkiness” over the next few days, but we’re excited about what we’ve been working on… Here’s to the future.

Come checkout decks from from our own Stephen Barrett, Infamous JeanClaude & many more… The decks will be on display thru the month @ Black Sheep. (we need a Super Ape deck)

below are some in-progress shots

This looks pretty cool! I really hope that this can come to fruition. Even though Amazon bought & killed TouchCo, touch-screen tech is becoming more & more commonplace, hopefully there can be some licensing put into place for an iPad or Android tablet… read more on The LinnStrument here.

Roger Linn has helped to shape the face of modern music just as much as Bob Moog & Les Paul. To be honest, I can’t even imagine modern music w/out the contributions of the sampling drum machine. In the past 30 years, he has been behind the designs of these units:

Linn LM-1 [1980]

LinnDrum [1982]

Linn 9000 [1984]

MPC60 [1988]

MPC60II [1991]

MPC3000 [1994]

Hey homies, It seems that our previous music player was kinda buggy. So, we’ve changed around our music page to feature a Soundcloud player. Please feel free to let us know how you like it / don’t like it / or if there are any problems… Soundcloud is pretty friggin’ cool w/ the comment & embed features.

Anyway, none of this means shit (if you don’t enjoy the sounds)… So, here’s to YOU – Thanks for stopping by.

We at Super Ape Worldwide hope that you find something that you enjoy!!!

are back and they sound friggin’ fantastic!!! A SERIOUS THANK YOU to Matt @ Gotta Groove Records for helping us meet the deadlines during the lead up to Record Store Day.

4/20/10 = Super Ape “Shakedown” & Dirty Drummer “Chase the Barber EP”

They did a great job on our “Ape Shit” 7 inch. You can check them out here

You gotta see this doc…

coming 12.22.09 in super cool 7″ vinyl & digi download options

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Welcome to I am Super Ape. Here you will find exclusive new content, some surprises (& of course information about what we are doing). We hope that you dig our noise…

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