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Hey all of you adventerous children of magic and light, check it out!

THE ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN MUSIC CLUB presents a night of music that will pop your top and meld your brain to your butt!!

Featuring performances by:
SUPER APE :: Super space-time bending Freedom Rock
DIRTY DRUMMER :: Afro-Beat with a modern tweak
COULWOOD :: Synth laden sexy-time grooves
JASON MICHEL :: Personality dissolving sonic adventures

In the midst of all this, THE REVEREND will be preaching some sweet jams from his DJ pulpit!

All for MF’n $6!! So bust out your plushy fuzzy monster costumes and join in on the romper room funtasticalness!


Where all the wild things will be!!


I’d like to announce that proceeds from The Electric Mountain Music Club’s Ape-Ril Fools Day Big Grand Opening Sale!!!! (**update** this promotion is over) are going to benefit Project HALO.

This is CRAZY-TALK. 10 cent downloads??? WHAT??? And it’s for the puppies, people… PUPPIES.

There’s 9 more days to get these releases in advance of the “official release date”. Take advantage of this amazing deal & help our furry friends at the same time!!!

Here is a bit about Project HALO:
Project HALO is a non-profit, no-kill rescue organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a 100% volunteer organization and are privately funded. Without volunteers and private donations we would not exist. We rescue homeless, stray and unwanted dogs. We take care of all the vet work including shots, sterilization and heartworm treatment, when necessary. All of Project HALO’s animals are vet current and sterilized prior to adoption. You can follow them on Twitter / Facebook /

Once Again, Click here to take advantage of this crazy bargain @ Bandcamp

HOLY SHIT! It’s Ape-Ril Fools Day (& most of this isn’t available anywhere yet). Click here to take advantage of this crazy bargain @ Bandcamp (**update** this promotion is over)



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